Fashion Friday // It was the 90s

Friday, January 11, 2013 | Stamp in My Passport| |

Friday, January 11, 2013

The 1990s was not the best decade in fashion. 
Track suits, leggings & over-sized shirts, scrunchies and backward baseball caps 
made up the bulk of my wardrobe as a child.
Let's be honest, I was style icon. 

For this Fashion Friday, I thought I would share a few photos 
of my amazing fashion sense as a child. 
You're welcome. 

Talk about the epitome of street style: windbreaker pants, credit union t-shirt and lots of bling.

After a long day of chasing pigeons around the park, a girl needs her beauty rest.

I think I had a track suit for every day of the week. They made hide and seek difficult because you could hear me running from a mile away.

Because wearing your hat backwards is a lot cooler. And I look like I just 
came back from a Fresh Prince casting call.

I think I was angry about my comb over.

Samantha and Emily did not escape the style of the decade either.
Samantha likes to think that the Spice Girls and Kathie Lee Gifford were
her fashion influences growing up.
And this is why we're friends.

Don't you wish you had known us as a child? 
We were pretty hilarious. 



Lisa said...

haha love it.. i know i had some outfits that i am like wtf!

Mary De Bastos said...

Bwahahahaha! The track suit. Legend. Everybody had one...of five.

I need to get out some of my old photos!