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Saturday, October 4, 2014 | Stamp in My Passport| |

Saturday, October 4, 2014

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Happy Saturday, everyone! Fall is making a brief appearance in Florida this weekend and I can't be more thrilled. The low is going to be 48 tomorrow...48! My threshold for boot-wearing weather is 50 degrees, so if I so wanted, I could wake up at 2 a.m. just to wear boots for the first time in the season.

And in the spirit of fall, in between my weekend Gilmore Girls marathon and hanging out in Stars Hollow, I'm off to replenish my fall wardrobe. I'm thinking about this topthis scarf, this skirt, these oxfords, these ankle boots and this sweater.

Fresh flowers and greenery brighten up any space. Love these ways to decorate with plants from Meylssa.

Coffee is an essential part of every day for me. Perhaps I need to expand my coffee bar to include more than simply my Keurig. Kayli has the perfect bar cart essentials.

I still don't understand how people are able to layer a sweater and button down  and are still able to move their arms. Perhaps these layering tips will help me?

If you don't start your morning off reading The Skimm then you are missing out. The mix of news and sarcastic commentary is the best way to stay up to date on current events delivered straight to your mailbox. If you enjoy it as much as I do, check out this interview with The Skimm founders.


Natalie said...

I can't wait for the cold weather to get here. It sure is a treat for us Floridians! Our lows are 60. Still. That's cold for Florida... in October! I plan on hunkering down in some warm jammies and TV!!

melaniekay said...

I too love that it is getting a little colder! Dallas has been rough this summer, but this morning was 60 degrees-- it felt amazing!!!! I'm moving to Indonesia this month and I have a feeling I wont be getting the fall I have been waiting for lol
Melanie @

Isa said...

Then come not to Germany haha, when it gets cold here you wish you were somewhere else like Brazil or so! But still winter has something refreshing you know, something of a new beginning!

Amanda Greer said...

Love the boots and the sweater! I meant to go shopping this weekend and never got around to it, but I have to soon, because I have a 35% off coupon for GAP. There are a couple sweaters I have my eye on!

Jess said...

LOVE Gap! And coupons. So of course the combination of them is a real winner.

Jess said...

Yes, I wouldn't waste room in your suitcase to pack the knee high leather boots. While Indonesia may not have fall weather going for it, I'm sure it will be an amazing experience. Enjoy!

Jess said...

That's exactly what I did! I was eating outside tonight and everything was great until the sun went down and I was wishing I had brought a jacket with me.

Jess said...

They would greatly appreciate them!

Natalie said...

Yah and I ended up staying inside haha!