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Saturday, February 8, 2014 | Stamp in My Passport| |

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Did you all enjoy the little geography and history lesson at the Opening Ceremony last night? No matter how many times I watch Opening Ceremonies, I always come across countries that I have never heard of. Always. 

1. Have you kept up with the criticism Coke has been receiving for their "America the Beautiful" ad? Thoughts? I personally loved it, especially after hearing the stories and meeting the seven girls who sing throughout it. 

2. If I was handy with power tools (I have a baby hammer and screw driver, and that is the extend of my toolbox), then I would build a similar standing desk to Elsie and Emma. I love having the option to sit or stand when working. Whenever I sit for too long I can feel myself slumping over. Having a standing desk would force me to work on my posture.

3. Isn't the West Village beautiful in the middle of a snow day? I say this from the comfort of my warm room, and not out in the elements. Because, let's face it, this girl doesn't handle cold well (or at all.)

4. The Everygirl just happened to review one of the few restaurants I've eaten at in Chicago. When I visited with a school group, we dined at Quartino one of the nights, although since we did not have a reservation, we didn't sit down until about 9:30. So of course, as an appetizer, we made our way to McDonald's. My favorite part of Quartino is the family dining style, which also extends to dessert. We ordered one of every dessert and just passed them around. Perfect way to end the trip.

5. Don't forget to enter Elizabeth's Crush of the Month giveaway! This month's prize is two Present over Perfect mugs from Lindsey Letters, one for you and one to pass on. 

6. Do you need a little help polishing your resume? Here are 10 tips to help you stand out in the pile of resumes sent in. One that caught my eye was to always submit a .doc format as opposed to a PDF or .docx. I was always encouraged to have a slightly more designed resume since PR is a more creative field as opposed to accounting, but when applying to large corporations that scan 1,000s of resumes per day, .doc files are more easily read than PDFs, which can get jumbled up.

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Jenna Secrist said...

I watched bits and pieces of the opening ceremonies and it looked pretty neat! Our USA outfits were quite tacky-sweater-party-esque, though, which I can't decide if I like or not! Ha. Thanks for sharing the resume tips, I'll be job searching soon and will need to stand out!

Niina, It seems pretty obvious said...

My favorite part of the opening ceremonies is always seeing the different countries and of course commenting their outfits haha :)

Sara Strauss said...

So many great links! I'm sad that I missed the opening ceremony last night, so I'm going to watch it later today!!
Sincerely, Sara

Megan Thudium said...

I thought the Coke commercial was beautiful, and it is the only commercial I actually remember for the Super Bowl. lol

Kaelene Spence said...

I really enjoyed the Coke commercial and am glad I am not living in the states at the moment and having to hear all the negative talk around it!

Z K said...

I recently gave my resume a boost with indesign, and although I haven't gotten callbacks yet, I truly believe it made a big difference. Can't wait to read all the tips!

Kate said...

I just found your blog thanks to bloglovin and I absolutely love it! I've just spent thirty minutes reading all your posts, I'm hooked! :) Loving the inspiration!
Kate (

K.S. Mueller said...

I want a standing desk, too!

Jess Boyd said...

I just wanted to know what Ralph Lauren was did he run out of time and have a junior intern design it or something?? And what's up with the turtleneck? What is this 1994?

Jess Boyd said...

There was no James Bond or song praising the national healthcare, but it was still a great performance. Especially the music. Russians know their classical music.

Jess Boyd said...

Best of luck with the job search! The whole process is so overwhelming. I can't even stand it. Can't wait to finally land a job so I can be done with it for a while.

K.S. Mueller said...

Ah! For me, it's just my back pain! What a relief it would be to stand instead of sit while writing and working.

Amber Marie said...

Love that picture!