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Saturday, February 22, 2014 | Stamp in My Passport| |

Saturday, February 22, 2014

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- Remember that one time that I studied abroad in Paris? (yes, I'm still talking about it. it's a habit i probably won't quit...) Well there is another group that just arrived. You can follow all of their adventures, as well as their fearless leader, Aspiring Kennedy, as they eat their weight in crepes. And no, I'm not bitter at all. 

- Amanda shared some helpful tips on how to begin the process of living (and working) abroad. There are a lot of options out there that I didn't even consider. The best part of working while living abroad is that you don't have to have a trust fund to actually enjoy all of those side excursions. 

- I can't believe Selena was able to view the Northern Lights while she was in Iceland! Apparently, a sighting (especially a good one) is extremely hit and miss.

- Design Love Fest has my absolute favorite desktop backgrounds and phone wallpapers. Here is the latest installment. The florals (paired with the 85 degree temperature outside) has me dreaming of spring. 

- For those of you who are thinking about (or have successfully) blogging as a career, Lisette has some great information on how to file taxes on the income you make from writing all of those words on a screen. 


Bailie @ The Hemborg Wife said...

I went to Ireland and England with working visas after I graduated university with the BUNAC program and it was wonderful and easy. I am not sure what is on offer now since that was way back in 2008 but if you want to get abroad again I would highly recommend looking into them.

Amanda said...

Thanks for the love! :)

Jess Boyd said...

You're welcome! I have enough sense to know that I can't afford to just "go" on an extended trip, so I was glad to read all of the other options out there.

Jess Boyd said...

Awesome! I know going on a student visa to go to graduate school is also a popular option, but since I don't really have to have a master's right away, that seems like a lot of extra money to have to pay if my main goal is to live abroad.

Chantel Klassen said...

These are some cool links! I loved the post about living and working abroad, it makes me want to do it again!! We often have some gorgeous displays of Northern Lights here, especially at this time of year, I guess living so far north has it's perks. :)

Bailie @ The Hemborg Wife said...

Yes, that is what is great about Bunac is there is an upfront cost but then you will be working so you can recoup the money and then make more!

Bailie @ The Hemborg Wife said...

O and when I was in London on my working visa I met my husband!