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Tuesday, February 25, 2014 | Stamp in My Passport| |

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Today Macy and Megan
are taking over and giving
an insider's look at what you should 
be seeing and doing if you ever find yourself 
in Baltimore.

Both suggested you visit the Baltimore Aquarium, 
so it's safe to say that is a must see. 

Hey Guys! I'm Macy, and I blog over at to travel and beyond, where I write about pretty much anything that comes to mind. When I read the post about Jess doing a feature on being a tourist in your hometown, I was super excited! While I love traveling elsewhere, it basically takes a blogger to find awesome stuff in their own backyard. So I am thankful to be able to share my favorite parts of the city and it's surroundings with all of you! I promise it isn't all like what you see on The Wire. I am going to start with my two favorite places, which are also most likely the most well known. Then I will get into the more hole in the wall spots. The National Aquarium. I could go here everyday and never get bored, but that might also have to do with my slight obsession with sharks. Our Aquarium has multiple levels, a huge shark and sting-ray tank, a dolphin show (I have to admit it was better when I was younger), huge bubble machines in the lobby that are mesmerizing, and a really neat bridge that takes you from one building to the other above the harbor. In the picture below, the aquarium rainforest is in the red and glass building, the main lobby is in the odd triangle shaped building, and behind it where the other triangle shaped building is where the Dolphins are.
My other favorite spot is M & T Bank Stadium, aka Raven Stadium. I am a huge Ravens fan, and get butterflies just driving by, but it really is beautiful since it has been remodeled. After winning the Super Bowl last year the stadium went through some changes, it has now went Green and won a gold award through LEED. The first out-door professional sports venue to achieve this. But besides all of that stuff, it's so much fun for other events also, like last year when Justin Timberlake was in town. I love going for bike rides around the city and being able to bike past it whenever I want.
Now for a few behind the scenes places. I asked some friends where their favorite places in the city are and almost all of them mentioned The Horse You Came In On, and I would agree. It is said to be the last place Edgar Allen Poe was before he passed away. Many say he was walking home from here when he died. The Horse is also the oldest continuously operated bar in Northern America, it was founded in the 1700's. Besides the history behind this bar, it is so much fun. No matter what night you go, there is almost always live music and a great crowd. I highly recommend it for happy hour, after work drinks, or a going out spot.
 A nice spot for some outdoor activities is the Federal Hill area. The actual hill has a small playground with some swings, an old cannon, a bike and walking path, and of course an amazing view. You can see all of the Inner Harbor from the top, and it really is breath taking, especially at dusk (or when everything is purple because of the Ravens).
A quick bite on Cross Street. Another favorite of mine is Cross Street Market. There are multiple vendors selling several types of food, some clothing vendors, and a few flower shops. The food ranges from cheesesteaks, to sushi, to pastries, it is all a great price for a good meal. Another plus is the price of beer, being surrounded by bars that serve drinks for a pretty penny, is a bar inside the market where you can get a 24 oz. beer for $3. bingo!
All around Cross Street are cute little boutiques that sell the quirkiest things, so if you are ever in the neighborhood, first stop by and say hi, and then we can go check out all of these wonderful spots. Thanks for letting me invade your blog, Jess! I can't wait to continue reading all of the other Tourist In My Hometown posts :) XOXO, Macy


Hi Stamp in my Passport readers! My name is Megan and I blog over at Soup of the Day! I love to travel and spent the last two years traveling the country with my job at the time. Since switching career paths I've been traveling more for fun and less for work. When I have some downtime I love to play tourist in my own city and experience what Baltimore has to offer. Here are some things you should keep in mind when visiting the Inner Harbor of Baltimore!
photo 2
Eat a plate of Cinnamon Danish Waffles with a side of hash browns at Miss. Shirleys! The wait reaches upwards of 3 hours long on summer weekends so make sure you go early (8-9am) or close to closing time to avoid the rush! The Food Network even named them as the Best Restaurant in Maryland.
photo 1
See Baltimore from the top! Pay $5 to ride the elevator up 27 floors and see the city and all the surrounding neighborhoods from a birds eye view. The World Trade Center of Baltimore is my favorite building in the harbor and the view never gets old!
Do make sure you stop by the Baltimore Aquarium and check out the new Black Tip Reef exhibit. The exhibit houses 70 species of animals including a 518 pound green sea turtle named Calypso who was rescued after being injured by a boat.

Check out my Baltimore Love page for restaurant suggestions & things to do in the city!

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