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Wednesday, November 21, 2012 | Stamp in My Passport||

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy thanksgiving :) 

I hope everyone is stuffing their faces in the most dignified way possible.
Like so many others at this time of the year i find myself basking in thankfulness...
Tis the season to remember what you have and be appreciative of it.
I have SO many things to be thankful for like puppies and kites on a windy day, but those are just the small things...i created a little masterpiece of all of the things i'm thankful for this year..
I'm pretty proud of it...

1. My family :) I love them all so much and would not have anything on this list without them.
2. My little (taller) brother wesley, he's growing into an adult...its crazy!!! i love him so much :)
3. My older sister Megan, we used to fight like crazy but now were best friends, love her!!!!
4. My best friend Sam, wouldn't know what to do without her, she literally saved me from becoming a depressed mess in college :) I love her soooo much :) 
5. Aren, Alissia and Jack :) literally my best friends/family iv'e known Alissia since i was a wee little baby, and then she married aren and then had Jack and i love this little family more that i can say :)
6. So glad Sam and Jess are my best friends, they are the funniest people in my life, love you girls!!!
7. speculoos....nuff said :) it will change your life...
8. Petit Ecolier...i'm so thankful they sell these in AMERICA :) yummmm
9. My boarding pass to Paris...when i first got this i was a nervous mess...didn't know till it was over that it was the best decision i ever made!
10-12. This is my hip Family, i love each and every one of them so much, the Lynn's are like my best friends and you might recognize a familiar face in the blogging community Mrs. Lauren Knight. I love all of these people so much, best group ever!!!! HIP2012
13. I'm very thankful for the men and women who fight for our freedom. It was a somber visit to the American Cemetery in Normandy. Definitely an eye opener to what these amazing people do for us! 
14. Paris, i will forever be thankful for the way Paris opened my eyes and my heart to the world around me. Gave me so much passion and joy and made me grow into a new person!!!
15-16. I'm thankful for views like these, of castles and mountains from the french countryside to the beautiful lakes of switzerland. 
17. I'm thankful that this is my job :) 
18. I'm thankful for my education as much as i might hate and complain about it...i really am very blessed to have such an amazing school and amazing teachers to help me reach my goals.
19. I'm thankful for landmarks such as the Arc de triomphe!! I saw more landmarks in Europe than i can remember, just reminds me that this world is huge and there are so many adventures right outside your door. Take advantage of opportunities to travel the world, it strengthens your love for people and culture and food, it's the greatest gift you can ever give yourself.
20. There's not a picture but i'm thankful for God,
glad that he knows what he's doing :) Thankful i can put my faith and trust in him!

There you have it. Hope you have so many things you are thankful for this season :)
Now go eat that turkey and dressing ;)


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