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Wednesday, November 28, 2012 | Stamp in My Passport||

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Welcome to the new 'Stamp In My Passport'
and by new i mean we got a face lift, a new look, a classy look!!!
We are in LOVE with the new design, so simple and elegant, we hope you like it too!

Currently in most areas of America there's a crisp chill in the air, the leaves are falling
and there's a jolly red man ho ho ho'ing at the malls....
it can only mean one thing....

This is my favorite holiday ever, i can't even contain my excitement, i feel like it's creeping it's way into my everyday life and it's not even december yet....
I'm not mad about it!!! 

Last week was Thanksgiving and while we were giving thanks i couldn't help but think about Christmas, call me terrible, call me a Thanksgiving Grinch but i love my christmas!!!! 

On friday I spent the day with my family, trying to get to the Parade of lights in Downtown Ft. Worth.
What ended up happening was more like a huge disaster of events one right after another.
First we can't even get to the parade because we are stuck in downtown traffic...

After driving around downtown in a giant trafficky circle, we gave up and went to in n out burger, when we got there we couldn't find anywhere to sit and eat so we took our trays to the car and ate out there....i mean it seemed kind of strange at first but then i saw a bunch of people following in our footsteps...we started an eat in your car revolution!!!!
We ended up going back to downtown to see the Giant christmas tree and take some pictures, so it wasn't a completely wasted night, plus we were laughing the whole was good family bonding!!
Fort Worth really is beautiful during this time of year :)

Here's something you might not know...I work at a Bakery...i worked there all this summer and now i'm working there during my time off when i'm home on breaks!

I get to work with these lovely cupcakes everyday and yes they are as tempting as they look.
The Bakery is called La Bella can thank me for introducing you to these babies!!!

So now that the season is upon us it's time to decorate our little home aka dorm apartment...
considering what we're working with, this place is really starting to look festive...
here you be the judge....

So far so good, we're not done yet still have some lights to string all over the place...
I just love this time of the year so much, brings a tear to my eye!!! 

Not only is our dorm getting a Christmas makeover but so is our Universities Campus :) 
Every year at Christmas time the Front Lawn is covered in thousands of pretty Christmas lights to commemorate the season :) It's my absolute favorite time to be on campus!!!

Hope you are all having an amazing week so far!!!!

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