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Tuesday, November 13, 2012 | Stamp in My Passport| , |

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Here is an excerpt from my blog while studying abroad in Europe Spring 2012

Alright...those of you who know me really well know about my ski "incident" in Breckenridge, sophomore ski trip, super involved a ski involved me crashing into a ski rack and having 100's of people run to my rescue. Once rescued this giant man who pulled me out from under all the ski's asked me if i played football because it was so amazing that i had survived a crash like that...and i said no i don't play football...said this all while my goggles were fogging up because of my tears.....

All of this of course happened while all my best friends were watching....they remind me of it quite they keeps me humble.

It is indeed my most embarrassing moment to date...

so that was my first ski experience and after that incident i swore off skiing all together, never again....OH hey guess what were going skiing in the swiss alps....Surely i will be better in the swiss alps......the swiss alps....the mountains of switzerland..............

i mean in my head i was thinking to myself that today was going to be a disaster....maybe a few run's down the bunny hill then off to find somewhere to sit for the afternoon.....but that was not the, no it was NOT....i was actually pretty good at it.....once i learned how to fall and get back up i started going down the bunny hill without falling or was easy!! 

so naturally i'm a competitive person...even with myself and i know what, why not try the next one...the next hill...WHY i did!!! I went down the blue hill which is the easiest level but still...i made it past ski school...i was so proud...ALSO blue and easy don't really mean anything when your skiing in the swiss alps..we decided that the "blue" level in the alps was equal to the semi experienced level in colorado....this was not a baby hill it was a mountain and i was skiing down it...

You have no idea how proud i was of myself!! I went with Ali and Dillon, who were both first time skiers and they did really well....we all wiped out quite a few times but honestly is was so fun, i was slightly addicted to it for a while....then i slammed into a snow bank and thought i broke my knee and i was over it...i was done...finished....took my ski's off and walked down to the ski lift which was only a few feet off because i slammed into the snow bank at the bottom of the hill so i did indeed make it down part of the mountain. 

If your interested in seeing how our ski trip went, here is a video i made of the whole day!!

Tell us your best and most embarrassing ski stories below in the comments, maybe we had the same experience!!!


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